22 August 2011

Biodiversity Garden - Signage Upgrade


There's been much activity on the signage front in the Biodiversity Garden. Some new additions, an improved fixing method and new graphics all round.

In the Make a Difference theme area, there are five examples of people and organisations who are doing great work to promote biodiversity in communities and schools. Take BEEP (Beyond Expectation Environmental Project), for example, started by Lindela Mjenxane. Here's one person who saw a need in his community, took initative and is making a real difference.

The City of Cape Town has an exciting programme for schools, involving drama and theatre. And there are three more inspiring stories one can read about in the garden.

In the Everything is Connected theme area, the Knock-on Effect display received new full-colour signs.

Metalgrapho have done the signage work - it has been a pleasure working with them.

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