08 June 2011

Flowering - right now!

After a long dry summer, and extended autumn, the winter rains have finally set in, and the Cape is lush and green again. The Biodiversity Garden is awash with flowers and colour.

Cheerful Kniphofia praecox in the Attract Sunbirds display.

The snowy white clusters of Wild Rosemary, Eriocephalus africanus.

Evening-scented Gnidia squarrosa. This dainty yet hardy shrub has proven to be a reliable filler where plants have died from poor drainage. I first saw this species growing wild in a seasonal wetland in Vermaaklikheid - and indeed it seems to tolerate wet feet, or even thrive under these conditions.

The Fire Heath, Erica cerinthoides, has been going strong all year.

Spiloxene aquatica - Sterretjies (Afrikaans: 'little stars').
You'll find them in the pond.

And there's lots, lots more. If you haven't been to visit the Biodiversity Garden lately, it's a good time to visit.


  1. Gnidia - I can almost smell it!

  2. MUST go there SOON. Maybe I can persuade Deryck to take a half day off for a visit. (Too many people there over weekends and holidays!)

  3. Marie - yes, although I find it hard to describe scents. Would you say sweet & slightly spicy (cinnamon, or allspice)?

    Lyn - I think you'll find the weekends aren't that crowded these days, espeically if you go in the morning.