24 September 2011

Winter Colour

Busy times! - months have passed since I have given an update on the Biodiversity Garden. Here are some pics taken in July:

The Mountain Aloe (Aloe arborescens) is in full swing.

Bright red torches of Aloe succotrina in the Mountain Fynbos section. This aloe species is a fynbos endemic - usually found in rocky areas or scree slopes.

Daisies such as Arctotis and Osteospermum are in full bloom.

Jordaniella dubia in the Strandveld section.

Lachenalia reflexa in the Lowland Fynbos section. I was surprised to see this diminuitive plant on the Alert List for Environmental Weeds in Australia. "Yellow Soldier was first recorded as naturalised south of Perth, Western Australia, in 1957, probably after escaping from a garden planting. It has since become a problem weed and is spreading through tuart (Eucalyptus gomphocephala) and banksia woodlands".

Plakkie or Pig's Ears (Cotyledon orbiculata) are flowering now.

The newly planted Coleonema album hedge in the Hedging display area.

Restios, grasses and aloes in the Mountain Fynbos display.

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