12 October 2010

Kirstenbosch visit

Today a group of staff, interns and volunteers from Kirstenbosch came to visit the Biodiversity garden. A happy day for me, because there's always new things to learn from them.

Above: (middle) Trevor Adams (chief propagator), Cherise Viljoen (head of the Plant production nursery)

The light was beautiful, everything fresh after the rain.

One can count on Adam Harrower for interesting botanical finds, and he did spot something unusual... growing wild in the lawn!

A pretty little purple flower - Monopsis simplex

In the wetland area Gladiolus angustus is flowering prolifically - growing sommer in composted soil, no special treatment and looking fabulous. Why is it not widely available in nurseries, I wonder?

Anyway it's thanks to Neil Major (grower, Cape Flats Fynbos Nursery) that we were able to source these plants. Hopefully Gladiolus angustus will find its way into the general trade soon and more people will be able to enjoy this gem. Really I'm no purist, but I do think we should celebrate our local biodiversity and have more of it available. Don't you think?


  1. Hi there. We have a blog called Future Cape Town and I was wondering if I could feature a few of your images at the blog. I would of course credit you and your blog.


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  3. Sure - please also mention that it's a Green Goal 2010 project - a City initiative and legacy for Cape Town. I'm not sure when the Green Point Park will open (have heard it won't open on 6 nov, not ready yet). But it's definitely something to look forward to!