12 October 2010

Unsung heroes

I think few people understand how much planning and work went into making the Biodiversity garden, but believe me to transform bare, unshaped earth from this (April 2010) ....

to this (September 2010) takes a lot of sweat and hard work. I'm thinking especially of the guys who were working on site in rain, wind and sunshine, doing the physical labour - they deserve a big thank you and have left a lasting legacy in the Park .

Urban Landscape Solutions have been responsible for the landscape installation in the Green Point Park, including the Biodiversity Garden. It was a challenging project involving special soils, over 300 plant species, different kinds of mulches and the installation of various artworks, and they did well.

For the first 6 months Sean was the supervisor on site, seen here one misty morning, planting the pond edge. His team did most of the site preparation - the levelling, shaping, topsoil installation, trenching for irrigation lines, digging of compost. The civils work (paths, lake, shade dome) was only completed in May 2010, so we ended up doing most of the planting in July and August.

Here is Tim - current leader of the team and champion do'er. Since the day he joined, the project flowed and things got done. Thanks to his leadership, drive and attention to detail, everything was planted and shipshape for the official launch on 10 September.

The Landscape BOQ indicates that we planted over 1250 trees (in 10 kg bags or larger) and 25 000 shrubs, bulbs and groundcovers. We planted in sections: first the wetland, then all thicket areas, and last the various display beds. In total about 5800 m2 of planting. For each display I packed out and positioned the plants, and then the guys planted.

Wanda and some of this team.

Prins. He did a lot of the fiddly specialist work and now he's now doing the maintenance. Fantastic guy - I think of him as the Garden's main man.

Patterson - now doing maintenance with Prins.
He's a star weeder and has a wonderful smile.



A big thank you to ALL those who contributed to the Biodiversity Garden!


  1. Thanks, Marijke, very good time lapse and insight.

  2. It's great to see the faces behind the garden. Looks like they've worked really hard. Any news on the opening? Still set for early November?

  3. Helen - it won't be November. I heard they are waiting for the water connection to be made (piped from Green Point to the spring in oranjezicht), and to finish all the timber work in the Park. Maybe December...who knows? I think the site still falls under the responsiblity of the Main Contractor, and there are complex public liability issues which need to be sorted before the Park can open. I just wish the City was better at communicating to the public.