10 October 2010

Baby Garden

On Friday I had another walk through the garden. I can't help admiring the young plants like a proud mother - they are either pushing out new shoots, or flowering.

It's funny when I'm there I just see plants, and yet these photos seem to show mainly mulch. Selective vision, I suppose.

Tortoise in strandveld.

A honeybee pollinating Pelargonium fulgidum in the Veldkostuin (Food garden).

I like the grey mongoose slinking through the mountain fynbos ...

Leucospermum hypophyllocarpodendron - the groundcover pincushion. I'm so proud that we managed to source these plants - and that they are doing okay. They look small and vulnerable - I will want to kill anyone who lets their dogs / kids stomp on them!

Looking back from the Ant display.

For sheer brilliance there is not much to beat the magenta of Pelargonium cucculatum.

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  1. Gotto be very careful around them yellow pin-cushions