28 October 2010

Kalkbay Mountains

Last Saturday we went for a walk from Boyes Drive (Trappieskop parking) towards Cave Peak. Our route took us up, past the slabs, and then there's a scrambly bit near the top where we had to shove/hoist the dogs up the cliffs. Mickey jumped up like a klipspringer.

View towards Fish Hoek with Trappieskop in the foreground.

Leucadendron strobilinum (a Table Mnt endemic) looking fresh with spring foliage.

Leucospermum conocarpodendron

I've always wondered what these caterpillars are - often seen swarming on a tree. Turns out it's the larva of the Cape Lappet (Pachypasa capensis), a rather uninteresting looking moth. Wish I knew more about its biology.

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