23 October 2010

Table Mountain walk

Friday we went up Nursery Ravine, took the path along the edge of the Table and down Cecilia Ridge. The light was dramatic, with clouds and occasional sun.

We stepped over fairy rings...

Qu'est-ce que c'est? Isolepis ludwigii perhaps?

Juncus lomatophyllum in habitat

Adenandra growing out of rock on Cecilia Ridge

A striking red form of Passerina sp. And then this:

Fynbos at its best - just a few years after a fire, in spring splendour. A tapestry of soft pinks, salmons, greys and greens. It's breathtaking!
It inspires me to paint - to try and capture this palette of colours, this moment in the season. Because in a few weeks those soft pink shoots will harden off and become leathery green leaves, and in a few years this will be a dense stand of Protea coronata - a tall rather shabby species of Protea with green flowers. Beautiful in its own way, but unlikely to be the subject of a photo essay. Unless...? Maybe.

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