28 October 2010

Sundowner & celebration

On Saturay, 16th October, we held a sundowner in the Biodiversity Garden to thank all the people who had contributed to the garden. Guest of honour was John Roff and his wife Jo who had come from Pietermartizburg for the occasion. John co-wrote and conceptualised the interpretation in the garden. There were artists, plant growers, landscapers and the engineers who designed the shade dome (more about them in a future post). It was a perfect windless summer evening, and people lingered until the last light.

Lovely to see the dome working as a central hub of activity. Pat Holmes, the City's Biodiversity Management department, is seen here chatting to Neil Major, (Cape Flats Fynbos Nursery).

It was a bit strange seeing people walking and standing on the mosaic - we've been dodging it for months during the construction phase. The mosaic is an artistic interpretation of the cell, the basic building block of all biodiversity - as an icon it could not have been better chosen.

Lovely too to see people sitting on low seat walls and congregating on the viewing deck - our design is working!

The evening light was soft and beautiful, the lakes perfect mirrors...

I have to confess I am in love with the space which has been created. The lakes create a wonderful sense of openess, there are elements of surprise and magic.

After sunset it was twilight, the hour which owls and other animals go about their business. And time for us to go home.