10 October 2010


On Wednesday, 6 october, students from Green Futures came to visit the Biodiversity Garden. Green Futures is a horticultural training programme based at Grootbos Nature Reserve, near Stanford. Susan Lochner, the trainer, had arranged the visit.

Which reminds me: the fire hearth display area still needs various artefacts / items which Khoikhoi may have had discarded around their fires. I'm thinking of bits of ostrich shell, tortoise shell, old bones, porcupine quills, feathers, that kind of thing. The idea is that this is an interactive display - a place where kids can dig in the gravel and find things, and wonder what they are...

It's treasure hunt, a place to explore various textures and materials, hands-on biodiversity and, for older kids the display provides clues about what people ate. I realise that the artefacts will have to be replenished regularly... as fast as the items are carried off in toddlers pockets....
But that's okay, I reckon if I can find some 'friends of the Biodiversity Garden'. Will you help to restock it?

The Natural Pest Control display with its various animals received lots of interest and discussion.

Here is what one student had to say about her visit:

Nature needs you to be knowledgeable and encouraged about it so that you can look after it.

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  1. Nice Marijks, interesting take on the matjieshut, if I were a bergie I'd be taking notes :-)