01 September 2010

Making the garden come alive

Throughout the garden storyboards help to interpret the displays and convey the main messages. In total there are 60 interpretive signs and 200 plant labels. Here is an example of a storyboard introducing the People & Plants theme area:

For the Medicinal Plants collection:

And a storyboard for the Create Habitats display:

Text by John Roff and Marijke Honig.
Graphic design by Tanja Truscott.


  1. Hi Marijke. I'm delighted to have found your blog (via 66 Sqr Feet). I've visited the new garden a couple of times - it seems such an interesting and exciting project, and a real asset to Green Point. It is also wonderful for us visitors to see a garden established from scratch. I'm really keen to hear more about the plans and progress and hear what's going on behind the scenes via this blog. Good luck with the project!

  2. Hi Helen. Thanks for your interest and positive response. It IS an exicting project - and great for me because it combines my love for plant diversity, design, art and education. We are all working flat out to be ready for the official opening on the 10th sept. However the Park only opens in November some time, I think. At the moment it is a construction site with timber contactors everywhere and they are relaying the lawn.... a messy muddy affair when it rains!