30 August 2010


Every afternoon, around 3pm the red buds of Hesperantha falcata open to reveal starry white flowers. Standing barely 5cm high in a newly planted landscape, they are so... sweet?! I can't walk past them without melting inside.

I explained to the guys that they open in the afternoon and are sweetly scented in the evening to attract moths - pollinators. This will be just one of the wonderful scents which await visitors to the park as they make their way to the gate at dusk.


  1. Close up the aandblommetjies are thoroughly splendid.. sort of like the whole project

  2. Marie seems to think I will learn a bit if I drop by now and then, so I shall.

  3. Thanks - yes they are gorgeous.
    Webb - I find what you are looking for. At the moment the sole focus is on the biodiversity garden, but once the action slows down I intend to post some of the hundreds of plant pics I have taken during walks at Cape Point, in the Little Karoo, and in my garden.