04 September 2010

Wildlife in the Biodiversity Garden

On Friday the animals pulled in. So exciting!
We now have a Steenbok in the renosterveld...

A spotted genet and caracal slipping into the thicket...

And two Cape hares near the Khoikhoi Food garden...

Roddy McGuffog (of Ferroclassics) has been the artist & co-ordinator for all the cut-out steel sculptures, including the animals and threats to biodiversity. Jesse Breytenbach did all the artwork - she has captured the essence of each animal perfectly.

Since the focus of the Biodiversity Showcase Garden is greater Cape Town, we included only local Cape animals. It took me ages to find a spot for the Cape Fox and grey mongoose in the veld types display because they are very closely planted. And I can't stand moving plants, hole digging and wheelbarrows of concrete in planted areas - major stress!

This balustrade is for the Knock-on effect display - more about it in a later post.

The spiral balustrade below is for the Make a Difference display. The fibonacci spiral is used as a logo on the storyboards and repeated here as a design element. The spiral shape looks beautiful and creates a wonderful space to be in - geometry is like that.

On the balustrade we envisage a few signs about people and organisations who are helping to promote biodiversity in their communities. Leaves hanging off the balustrade will offer more ideas on how to help conserve biodiversity.

Under the balustrade we've planned a detailed pebble band echoing the spiral above. However time is running out (the official opening is on Friday, 10 Sept) - so we've decided to place the pebbles temporarily.


  1. Ah... I just LOVE this whole project! Can't wait to visit the gardens... WHAT A PROJECT! Congrats!!!

  2. Janine - thanks for the positive response. Was beginning to think no-one reads this - or that I'm the only one who's excited!