29 August 2010

Garden Walkabout

Some snapshots capturing the action on the 20th August.

The owl is now in his place - he's part of a Food web display...

Looking back towards the shade dome - I wonder how long it will take to become green, covered with climbers?

Beaded animals are being 'planted' in the Demonstration Gardens

Stone chip has been partially installed on paths in the hedging display. Behind one can see the bands of the lawn display where the grass plugs have just been planted. Each band = a different type of lawn grass.

In the Threats to Biodiversity area we now have 2 threats!
There is the plough (techinically it's a cultivator), representing Agriculture...

...and Alien Plants which are crowding out and shading small fynbos plants....

Looking back over the Discover Biodiversity theme area...

And this? A cobra, a toad, molesnake and a honeybadger...where are they off to?

On their way back to the shed. It's late on Friday afternoon and we ran out of time to prepare their concrete foundations.


  1. Great, where is this? I'd love to go and see it when its done.

  2. Robyn - it's in the new Green Point Park which opens in November - for more info see the next post 'Backtracking'. Yes - do come and look - and tell your friends!