29 August 2010

Moonlight and Magic in the Garden

Sculptures by artist Michael Methven, of Moonlight and Magic.

19 August: Michael arrives, his bakkie looking like a noah's ark.

The ox surveying his new pasture - grassy renosterveld in the Khoikhoi display area.
Or is he in the present, looking at the Stadium?

Not just an ordinary ox - but a Long-horned cow (Sanga), like those kept by Khoi herders. They represented wealth and status in Khoikhoi society, were a valuable source of milk and served as pack animals when they trekked from one grazing post to another.

Feeling our way, finding the right position for the owl & mouse in the Foodweb display

A barn owl in mid flight, about to catch a rat. Every time I walk past I can feel the relationship between predator and prey. The connectedness - will others feel it too?

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