20 August 2010

The day the insects arrived

Exciting times in the Biodiversity Showcase Garden - the art works have started arriving. Yesterday a cow, 3 sheep and an owl (more about the later) and today we 'planted' the insects. Beautiful beaded creations made by artists at Streetwires - I am blown away by the colours and intricate detail. Amazing!

The colourful creatures have added instant magic & sparkle to the demonstration garden. Now there are eye-catching natural predators in the Natural pest control display, and a variety of animals living in the Create habitats display.

Ladybirds... (they eat up to 100 aphids a day).

And another natural predator - the robber fly

And of course spiders...

Orange-breasted sunbirds in the Attract Sunbirds display

White eyes, Witogies

And an asassin bug (how cool is that)


  1. WOW! How great is that seeing all your hard work and planning coming together at last... Well done sisi: can't wait for the opening.

  2. My mom is going to want those white eyes...

  3. Hello Marijke
    Looks fantastic. Keep up the good work as I know you are. It is so important this all gets into mainstream. Creatures are beautiful and creative, so clever!!