30 January 2011

Sunday in the Park

On Sunday evening I went to the Park and found it abuzz with activity. People relaxing, picnicing, kids playing, and many people strolling through the Biodiversity Garden.

In the Khoikhoi fire hearth area kids were playing with bones, shells and other artefacts - as the display was intended, as if they had read the script!

I noticed some new bones and porcupine quills in the fire hearth area.
It is wonderful to see how members of the public have responded to the invitation:
"Are you a strandloper at heart? Please bring bones, feathers, quills, tortoise shell and ostrich shells to help maintain this display."
Thank you for helping!

At this sign 'If Signal Hill could speak..." I could see the man looking up at Signal hill, and chatting to his partner. On queue - this is interpretation in action.

Visitors reading text on leaves in the Make a Difference display. And the empty signboards? They will feature case histories of Cape Tonians who are doing great biodiversity work in their communities.

That little hand reaching up to the balustrade...too cute.

The spillway in action: moving water and pebbles....a child's paradise.

Father and son strolling in the wetland

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  1. What a wonderful garden Marijke. Congratulations! I went there the other day with Stephen Granger and was completely blown away! (almost literally.)