24 January 2011

Green Point Park - a Tribute

There has been a wonderful positive response to the Park. Here are some pics taken by happy residents.

Above: Pic by B.Washkansky - www.livecapetown.co.za
And below: pics by G.Wainer

The over-riding theme in the Visitor Comments book is that people feel proud of Cape Town. It's true: we can feel proud of what has been achieved.

The Green Point Park is a City of Cape Town initiative, and the redevelopment of the Common and roads was made possible by the World Cup and Stadium. The Biodiversity Garden is one of 41 Green Goal projects aimed at greening the World Cup and intended to be 'a legacy for Cape Town'.

All of this was made possible by a team of committed City officials and professionals who worked hard in a complex project environment and under tight deadlines to make it all happen. Thank you to all!

That said, it is worth knowing that the Park is not yet complete. Still to be installed are: the waterwheel; a tot's play park; a kids adventure play area; the opening of the tea room; and in the future a Smart Living / Eco Centre. Watch this space.


  1. I have your blog is in a Favourites folder which I named INSPIRATIONAL.

    Whenever I need a kick I visit a variety of blogs that inspire. You take exquisite photos (on the hop it seems), and together with just the right amount of interesting information it is truly inspiring!


  2. Gosh - thank you. Your comment is motivational - should keep me blogging for at least the next few weeks!