18 December 2010

Walk above Muizenberg

On Thursday we headed up Peck's Valley, above Muizenberg. At the top is a wide plateau with young ericoid-restiod fynbos which took my breath away. It is at the perfect stage after a fire: 3 or 4 years - full of diversity and still looking fresh.

The veld is a palette of greys, greens, russety browns, limey yellows with splashes of snow white. Mickey (dog) was in mouse hunting heaven.

Cape Snow (Syncarpha vestita) and restios (Elegia sp).
It was a bright overcast day: perfect for photographing if it weren't for the wind. The fact that I captured these beetles is a tribute to camera technology.

Metallic green beetles on Edmondia - anyone what they are called?

And a monkey beetle on Syncarpha vestita, Cape Snow.

Kreupelbos (Leucospermum conocarpodendron) - more commonly seen on the Peninsula as large old shrubs, but here a fresh young plant. Then we set off for St James Peak. As we gained a little height, we had a lovely view back onto the plateau. Red Watsonia tabularis in the foreground.

This is the first time I've noticed Protea speciosa: in bud (above) and in flower.

And then we were rewarded with a lovely framed view north, over Muizenberg.

I really should stop posting photos of Leucadendron xanthoconus, the Blinkblaartolbos. But I can't: too beautiful.

At this point we veered off the path and dipped down to a little cave for an apple and nuts stop. Later views of the False Bay coast, looking south , towards Simonstown.

We returned via Mimetes Valley - aptly named after the many old Mimetes bushes growing there. There was a brief rim flow feeling....

And then the descent.


  1. Wow! I want to do that walk. Stunning. How long was it?

  2. Can't quite remember - I think it was 2.5 to 3 hours at a leisurely stop-and-appreciate pace.

  3. Comment from Lyn: "We were in the same area above Boyes Drive on Tuesday as you were on Saturday, looking at the same views and fabulous Fynbos. We started, though, on the path to Oukraal and went up Spes Bona across to Nellies Pool, past Muiz. Cave on to St James Peak and down via a path winding down on the N side of the peak – wonderful views and Fynbos. We were also thrilled to see Protea speciosa, now becoming rather a rare sight, especially in bud or flower."