05 December 2010

Pebble spirals and things

For Biodiversity Garden logo we chose the Fibonacci spiral - a shape commonly found in nature: for example in shells, protea cones, and the arrangement of leaves on a stem. We reintroduced the Fibonacci spiral as a design element in the Make a Difference display.

Here a sweeping spiral balustrade (made by Roddy McGuffog) is echoed on the ground as a pebble spiral, beautifully executed by rock artist Rob Mckenzie & ULS staff. The shape and proportions are perfect - it is art, nature and beauty combined.

Hanging on the balustrade are timber leaves. On each leaf is one idea on how to make a difference: how we can protect biodiversity. Roddy had the leaves precision-cut out of marine ply and took them to Piet Botha in Suurbraak to burn-etch the leaf veins, and the text.

Suurbraak is a small village about 3 hours' drive from Cape Town. I hope Piet comes to the City one day to admire his handiwork in the Biodiversity Garden.


  1. We got our kitchen/dining chairs from Suurbraak about ten years ago and they are still strong. We've had to re-paint them after heavy use but the structure is rock solid.

  2. Thanks Chris - that's a useful recommendation. Did you get it from the very same Piet Botha?

  3. I love the pebble detail - looks just like an octopus tentacle!

    Is Suurbraak the one near the foot of the Tradouw Pass?