02 December 2010

More artists behind the animals

For the Foodweb display we required a honeybadger, three snakes, an owl and some rodents. The idea is to show the relationship between predators and their prey, and to offer food for thought:

What happens to owls when we put out rat poison? What happens when we kill snakes, or when farmers poison honeybadgers? The message is that our actions have consequences: they can upset the predator-prey balance.

Isaac Mukonde (Wayachete Trading) rose to the challenge and co-ordinated artworks from various township artists. Here Isaac is seen with the honeybadger: a magnificent specimen, perfectly poised to attack a puff adder among the grass.

I visited Du Noon to look at the sculptures while they were being made - and we made some adjustments to sizes and shapes.

Detail on the honeybadger:

The cobra in typical striking pose. Isaac did research on the various snakes required: a cobra, puff adder and mole snake.

And here the giant ant for the display entitled: Can an ant change a landscape?

The answer is yes - visit the Biodiversity Garden to find out why.

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  1. Hey - I must show my mother that one: owls and rat poison...Eish!