28 December 2010

Cape Point - Mystery #4 to 7

More pics taken on the Cape Point trail:

Mystery #4

Mystery # 5 (2 pics)

Mystery #6

Mystery #7


  1. 4. White rocks peeping out of water at Sirkelsvlei
    5.1 Carpenter bee holes on an old log or piece of wood.
    5.2 Rusty metal "staple" holding a join in a piece of driftwood or log - a railway sleeper?
    6. Seaweeds
    7. Some sort of bone - whale bone? resting on coarse white beach sand

  2. I think Lyn has got them all :)
    I particularly like the seaweed shot.

  3. 4 light rock in dark water
    5 borer beetles were busy on driftwood secured at end with S wedge to stop splitting
    6 Ulva rigida planted around the brown Dictyota dichotoma (poss. var. intricata)
    7 body plates of Pelomedusa subrufa (Cape terrapin) found in or near vleis

  4. Hello Marijke and Chris

    Chris, I agree No 7 is sunbleached body plates of the Cape Terrapin.

  5. Lynn and Chris - sorry about my late response:
    You guys are spot on, right into the detail - well done!
    Just the last one (#7) are tortoise bones, I think. It was quite far from a vlei - so assumed it was a tortoise.There were bits of the brown lined shell nearby. I better look more closely next time!