27 December 2010

Cape Point - Mystery #1 to 3

Earlier this year I walked the Cape Point trail. The landscape is stunning and so varied: from steep cliffs overlooking False Bay, wind-sculptured thickets, to sandy beaches and rippling restio plains - it is a wonderful way to experience the Reserve.

Along the way we passed so many irresistable things that I started a little game - taking close-ups for a quiz. Inspired by Zygoma (Paolo) who posts an item from the collection of the Horniman Museum every Friday as a 'Mystery Object', I've decided to something similar, just for fun. Feel free to guess what they are, or ask for further clues. Here goes:

Mystery #1:

Mystery #2

Mystery #3

The Cape of Good Hope Trail is a 2 day trail, starting at the Main gate of the Cape Point Nature Reserve. The first day one walks south, along mountains on the eastern side, overnighting in simple cottages not far from the Point. The second day the trail heads towards the western side of the reserve, following the coast for a while and then heading back inland towards the gate. Visit


  1. Mystery #3 is a Medusa, no?

    #2 could be Garingboom, I know I've seen that somewhere before.

    No idea what #1 is, except very beautiful.

  2. CK - yes to #3! The other two remain a mystery for now. I'll post the answers in a few days.

  3. Hope this works!
    No 1 - new growth on S villosa or possible S. glomerata.
    No 2 Skeletal wood below bark of Proteacaea probably Ls. conocarpodendron or Mi. fimbriifolius.
    No 3 stems of Euphorbia caput-medusae

  4. Beautiful pics!
    Serruria for no 1? Gorgeous form.

  5. I'm with Lyn and adding vote to Serruria villosa (s. peninsula endemic)