25 February 2011

Tomato take-over

Vegetables on a biodiversity blog?
I'm really sorry - just wanted to show how many tomatoes came out of my veggie garden last week. Enough to give to several neighbours and make a big pot of sauce, and still wonder what to do with the rest.

Riccardo gave me a few seedlings of this Italian tomato. Sliced open with S&P, some basil and a drizzle of olive oil... they are delicious!
When I threw a few ripes ones into a pot of Roma tomatoes, the difference became clear: the flesh of Riccardo's tomato is firm and a dark, almost wine-red colour, and the pips aren't so juicy. I'm sure they would make a superior sauce.


  1. WOW. That is impressive. I'm rather jealous! Are you growing any unusual varieties? I tried some heirloom seeds this summer, and had some lovely wonky tomatoes in between all the other 'normal' ones. Never had quite as many as you, though!

  2. Pia - thanks for the comment. I have added a pic of my favourite variety - I call it Riccardo's tomato. Is it similar to your wonky ones?

    They taste great and I love their sculptural shapes. I've started a little oil painting of these 3 on the Delft plate.

    I've saved some seed which I'll give to you for sowing next year.

  3. Pia - oops, I thought your comment was from my 11 year old niece (called Pia). How funny! Sorry about the mixup - the seed offer still stands.