12 January 2011

Beach walks and limestone fynbos

On the last day of December we joined friends on a farm 'Koensrust' - between Puntjie and Vermaaklikheid. We camped on the farm, went for beach walks and spent time on the river. Here is a sneak preview:

The Duivenhoks River

Ah - but it was beautiful.


  1. Vermaaklikheid is one of my most favourite places. I'm heading up there again next weekend and seeing your lovely photos makes me wish it was today. Longing for a river swim!

  2. Uh...that's an awfully familiar comment message above the comment box. Where'd ya get it? :-)

    Beautiful pictures. Vermaaklikheid-country looks gorgeous. Since everyone talks about it, has it been overrun yet?

  3. Yeah the comment is from yours truly but I hardly understand it! Think I'll leave it off.

    Vermaaklikheid still has an authentic village / smallholding feel. Most people have just fixed up the volkshuisies, and thankfully no manicured gardens. Except for ONE Joburg guy who didn't get it, and fenced his erf with white columns and Gauteng style landscaping. idiot. On the farm we felt as if we had the river and beach to ourselves - very special!

  4. it looks beautiful! And the fishie looks like he just saw a ghost :)