10 December 2010

In love with Fynbos

Fynbos at Pompieshoek in October. I just love the colours and textures of the veld. Electric colours.

It's a mix of fine-leaved shrubs, Proteaceae and reeds called restios: the classic fynbos mix. I love the papery brown inflorescences of the restios.

The velvety cones of Leucadendron pubescens - the Grey Conebush or Syhaartolbos. Plants are either male or female - here is a female:

And here is a male plant, with much smaller cones bearing masses of pollen.

Protea laurifolia
is one of the dominant proteas in the landscape, along with the Waboom, Protea nitida

Paranomus bracteolaris - another member of the Protea family.

We are lucky to live in such a plant paradise.

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  1. I have never seen Paronomus in bloom, nor heard about its name before. Amazing!