12 September 2010

A Biodiversity experiment in progress

A few days ago, while planting, I spotted this fiscal shrike sitting in a tree - a newly planted Chionanthus foveolatus.

This is the first time I've seen a shrike here. The Green POint Park used to be a sportsfield, and for over 18 months now it's been a construction site. How long will it take for animals to arrive, I wonder?

To date my list is very short:
Hartlaub's gull
Cape wagtail
Blacksmith plover (lapwing)
Crowned plover
Common fiscal

However I have been so nose-to-the-ground with planting, there may well be more. Let's keep a record and let me know what else you've spotted in the Biodiversity Garden.


  1. Hm, do you think that the jackie might bully other small birds away?

  2. Lynn asked me to post this comment:
    "Well, I have a pair of breeding Fiscal Shrikes in my garden and they have not chased away any of the other birds in my garden. (Robins, Boubou Shrikes, Bulbuls, Mousebirds, Pintailed Whydas etc)

    Marijke, I am delighted to hear that you have Crowned Plovers in the Bio-D garden. As far as I know their numbers have waned dramatically in recent years, despite their agressiveness when sitting on eggs! I guess that their habitat has been destroyed in many areas - what bird can fight against trucks, bulldozers etc? - more's the pity.
    Really looking forward to visiting this garden!